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Liquid polymer feeder
Liquid polymer feeder is transported to the powder feeder by a vacuum conveyor and mixed with water in the bottom mixer unit, which are fully automatic, highly dependable and accomplish an extremely precise and steady quality in mixing water with polymers.
Liquid polymer feeder
Liquid Polymer Feeder Characteristics:
1. Higher flows are also available to fit your needs, with custom units operating up to 1500 psi.
2. All components are corrosion resistant. The support frame is made of welded stainless steel. 
3. The open design allows access to all components.
4. Standard polymer feed capacities range up to 48 gallons per day. Higher flows are also available upon request.
5. The Polymer-feeder is a mixing unit that can be used for making a (large) supply of mixture.
Besides Liquid polymer feeder,Batte also manaufacture volumetric feeder, Metering screw feeder, loss in weight feeder and liquid weight-loss metering feeding machine.  

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