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Metering Screw Feeder

Metering screw feeder bulk solids pump feeder and weigh belt,granules and flakes, are most frequently metered with a single screw feeder.

Metering Screw Feeder
Metering Screw Feeder Features:
Large inlet eliminates material bridging.
Tapered Conditioning Chamber de-aerates fluidising powders
Suitable for use with very fine to coarse, or fibrous, particulate products
Easily removable front cover provides a safe and quick access for cleaning.
Ideally suited to industries that require rapid clean down and product changes.

Metering Screw Feeder Information:
Metering screw feeder  is directed into a variable speed metering screw, which runs completely and evenly filled and is linked to an electronic feed back drive ensuring accurate speed holding under all load conditions.Batte volumetric feeder has been operating successfully in these fields for many years.Innovation, coupled with many years' experience, allow us to create customer-specific solutions inexpensively and quickly.  

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