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The single screw feeder solves the reliable feeding scheme for easy-flowing bulk materials

The single screw feeder is suitable for granules and powders with good fluidity. Volumetric screw feeder is a common and economical feeder on the market. Batte provides a variety of single and twin screw volumetric and weight feeders to meet your various feed volume requirements and solve your material conveying problems. Some models are suitable for fast material switching and can be configured to adapt to different material properties. Other models have specially designed cleaning performance to meet the hygienic needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

single screw volumetric feeder

The single-screw volume feeder is suitable for various granular and fluid powders and crushed materials. The parts except the motor are made of 304 stainless steel. The structure design is simple and the cleaning and disassembly are convenient. The feeding screw is selected according to the characteristics of the material. For the two ends of the feeding range, it is recommended to select the appropriate screw after testing. The cutting accuracy is less than 1%.

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