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Application of weightlessness volumetric feeder in food industry

Raw material automation is the key.
Safe and clean production environment is the premise to ensure product quality, from raw materials, ingredients to the rest of the accessories, a perfect solution to give your product a longer life.
volumetric feeder application area
- dairy products (liquid milk, condensed milk, milk fat, cheese, other dairy products)
Fruit products (fruit flavored beverages, jam)
- cereal products (beans drinks, dried beans and fermented beans)
- mixed seasoning (chicken essence, MSG, flavors and spices, other food seasonings)
-- baked goods (biscuits, cakes, bread)
-- pet food
-- soup, sauce
volumetric feeder System description
Based on the needs of users and supporting systems, can achieve semi-automatic and full-automatic operation, all-round to meet the needs of the industry. Modular system composition, optimized production and cleaning operation mode, coupled with a perfect dust collection and dust removal system, so that the system has a good man-machine efficiency.
volumetric feeder technology
Dust free operation in the whole process
Processing equipment and technology without changing the characteristics of materials
Safe, reliable and high-precision metering methods
volumetric feeder Highly closed system
Professional design for easy cleaning, drying and sterilizing on structure

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