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Why choose loss in weight feeder for food processing

Loss in weight feeder is used to continuously and accurately measure the volume and weight of bulk solid feed, such as powder, granule, flake, flake and fiber. It can be applied in any manufacturing field, especially in plastic, chemical, food, mecha

Feeding range and accuracy of weighing scale of loss in weight feeder

The loss in weight feeder scale is mainly applicable to the micro weight-loss feeding of various powders and particles. During the operation, it can feed effectively in time in combination with the production process requirements, effectively improvi

Reliable feeding solution for free-flowing bulk materials

The single-screw feeder is suitable for granular materials and powders with good fluidity, and the single-screw volumetric feeder can be used for feeding large and small particles and powders with good fluidity. Volumetric screw feeders are the most

The single screw feeder solves the reliable feeding scheme for easy-flowing bulk materials

The single screw feeder is suitable for granules and powders with good fluidity. Volumetric screw feeder is a common and economical feeder on the market. Batte provides a variety of single and twin screw volumetric and weight feeders to meet your var

Two mistakes of volume feeder

Myth 1: twin screw feeder is always more accurate than single screw feeder In fact, the feeder with multiple blades and single screw has shown a high accuracy in the time frame of 1s-1.5s. Twin screw feeder is changeable, they can effectively push th

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