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Single screw volumetric feeder application

The single screw volume feeder manufactured by batte Machinery can be used for feeding large, small and fluidity powder.

According to the different materials, the single screw volume feeder has many different forms of interchangeable screw for selection. The feeder is installed on the painted steel base. All the contact parts with the material are stainless steel. The feeder is easy to disassemble, clean up or replace parts. The unique patented design of the spherical hopper enables the material to flow uniformly into the screw from all directions in the spherical hopper, effectively preventing the accumulation of the material, while the horizontal stirring further improves the material flow to the screw propeller and makes the feeding more accurate.

The feeder screw is selected according to the material characteristics. The following table is the empirical value of the feeder range (suitable for fluidity). For both ends of the feeding range, it is recommended to select suitable screws after testing.

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