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Volumetric Lime Feeder

Volumetric lime feeder system include loss-in-weight feeder, dosing feeder, volumetric feeder, multi-component formular feeder and so on. We can supply professional feeding system for various kinds of materials. 
Volumetric Lime Feeder
Volumetric Lime Feeder Features:  
1.Volumetric feeders mainly used for granular materials bulk conveying ascension. Such chips, peanut, sweets, dried fruits, vegetables, frozen food, vegatables,chemical and other granular or block items.  
2.Hoist hopper is made of food-grade polypropylene (PP)  
3.with artistic looking  
4.deformation difficult  
5.resistance heat and cold  
6.can be used as a  continuous or batch-type weighing machine or packaging production line by connecting with other facilities  
7.simple maintenance  
8.disassembling easy  
9.convenient cleaning  
10.custom-made size  
Volumetric Lime Feeder Advantages:
1.Customized Machines are Available 
2.Provide Installation instruction and after-service tracing, resolving the clients' concerns
3.One year guarantee, except for some spare parts
4.Flexible payment terms and trade terms
5.Available volumetric feeder manufacturers factory visiting
6.Mainly applied in the filed of plastic, rubber, chemical industry, etc.

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