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Two mistakes of volume feeder


Myth 1: twin screw feeder is always more accurate than single screw feeder

  In fact, the feeder with multiple blades and single screw has shown a high accuracy in the time frame of 1s-1.5s. Twin screw feeder is changeable, they can effectively push the powder with good fluidity, but there are many limitations. The material sensitive to shear strain may stick in the twin screw, causing disturbance flow, material agglomeration in the screw, and even screw damage. The small twin-screw feeder with poor structure may be stuck by hard particles, and the cost of replacing the screw of the twin-screw feeder is 50% - 100% higher than that of the single screw feeder.

  Myth 2: feeder can be installed at any position of extruder

  Observe the operation environment of the equipment when installing the feeder. The vibration must be minimized, and the discharge pipeline of the feed bin and feeder (to prevent the system from blocking) must not touch the metering scale.

  If there are many people around the equipment, the feeder may be hit or some objects may fall on it when driving. At this time, it is necessary to understand the durability of the scale and the cost of replacing the damaged scale. Some scales are expensive and hard to buy.

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