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Feeding range and accuracy of weighing scale of loss in weight feeder

The loss in weight feeder scale is mainly applicable to the micro weight-loss feeding of various powders and particles. During the operation, it can feed effectively in time in combination with the production process requirements, effectively improving the feeding accuracy and efficiency.

The weight-loss weighing scale has a wide range of feeding range, and its accuracy can be directly controlled within ≤± 0.5% in the process of use. The equipment has a very unique U-shaped hopper design, so that the materials will become relatively stable and uniform in the process of feeding, and can also effectively ensure the smooth flow of materials. Weightlessness scales are widely used in food, chemical industry, water treatment, medicine and other industries, especially in the engineering plastics industry, mainly because the measurement accuracy and working performance of its equipment are very stable, so it has won the unanimous praise of many manufacturers.

loss in weight feeder

The single screw feeder scale has a very good performance in the dynamic metering and feeding of raw materials. In the process of use, we can effectively improve the quality of products through its professional and accurate batching. The control of batching system has a powerful statistical function of production data. This can provide a good guarantee for users. The scope of use of the weight loss scale includes talc powder, powder, calcium carbonate, starch, etc. during the use of the equipment, different scales can be designed for different raw materials.

The volumetric feeder for powder scale has stable feeding and high precision, and the output capacity of the equipment can be selected from a large range. The product has its core technology and independent research and development strength in the field of weight-loss weighing and batching system. The main component of the equipment is the screw, so it is very easy to disassemble and the assembly of the equipment is relatively simple.

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