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Auger Type Volumetric Feeder
Auger type volumetric feeder do not measure the weight of the flow. The auger is the means used to measure volume.
Auger Type Volumetric Feeder

Auger Type Volumetric Feeder Characteristics:
1. An auger type volumetric feeder,   with each revolution, as it typically rotates through a discharge spout. 
2.Consequently, the viability of any auger type volumetric feeder is dependent.
3.The feed auger is filled with product, and how reliably this is accomplished.
4.The same amount of material is placed in all the “volumetric chambers” within the dosing device, be it a screw, disc or chamber.
Auger type volumetric feeder feed rates range depending upon the selected volumetric feeders model and the size of its metering auger. Specialized systems that do not use screws, such as vibratory feeders, rotary valve feeders, belt feeders and acrison gravimetric feeders can also be supplied.

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