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If both are good feeder

We can basically judge whether it is good or not. Generally, if the sensor fails to work, there will be problems with the weighing data. At this time, it is easy to use the substitution method to try it, which is fast. Take down the sensor, test the

Volumetric Feeder: Equipment Technological Innovation Pushes Plastic Processing to Efficiency

Efficient and Energy-saving Auxiliary Equipment to Improve Production Efficiency The Energy Smart dryer system on display in batte is based on microprocessor control. The unique two-step drying process can recycle the hot and dry air discharged from

Adaptability of Double Helical Feeder to Mixture Material

Compared with other mixers, the double helix feeder has the advantages of low installed power and wide adaptability to mixtures without destroying mixtures. There will be no overheating for thermal sensitive materials, no pressure feeding and grindin

How to Increase the Fuzzy Control of Belt Speed Regulation of Feeder

Feeder is a device that uses volume to quantify, and can continuously and uniformly transport tobacco leaf, tobacco and other materials. The main structure as shown in Figure 1 is: storage box, inclined conveyor belt, metering tube, photoelectric sen

The Advantages of volumetric feeder

Our feeding system include loss-in-weight feeder, dosing feeder, volumetric feeder , multi-component formular feeder and so on. We can supply professional feeding system for various kinds of materials. Furthermore, our networking loss-in-weight feedi

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