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Analysis of the Fault Causes of Vacuum Feeder

When vacuum feeder has no suction or less suction, it is recommended to check the following components.

1. Compressed air should be kept at 0.4-0.6 mpa. The insufficient supply pressure of compressed air will lead to insufficient backblowing force, which will make the dust on the surface of the filter unable to be cleaned up, thus affecting the suction speed of the vacuum feeder.

2. Pipeline connection should be tightened, and pipe connection should be tightened with throat hoop to prevent air leakage from affecting vacuum.

3. Whether the barrel ring is installed in place to loosen the clamp, check whether the barrel ring is completely placed in the S-side, if there is damage, timely replacement is needed to prevent air leakage affecting the suction efficiency.

4. Whether the door panels can be closed strictly or not, the door panels can be completely closed to form a vacuum. If materials stick to the discharging door panels, they need to be cleaned in time.

Whether the door ring is installed correctly, pay attention to the direction of installation, if there is damage, timely replacement

5. Whether the filter is blocked or not, it is necessary to regularly clean up the remaining material of the filter. If it is damaged or can not be cleaned up, it should be replaced in time.

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