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Why choose loss in weight feeder for food processing

Loss in weight feeder is used to continuously and accurately measure the volume and weight of bulk solid feed, such as powder, granule, flake, flake and fiber. It can be applied in any manufacturing field, especially in plastic, chemical, food, mechanical equipment and other manufacturing industries.

loss-in-weight feeder

What are the characteristics of loss in weight feeder:

1. The feeding hopper has a flexible wall and an external mixing device;

2. When cleaning and replacing products, the disassembly is flexible and simple;

3. Integration of precise measurement, manipulation and detection;

4. High feeding accuracy, better than ± 0.5%

loss in weight feeder

The application of loss-in-weight feeders can often be seen in the field of food industry. There are many advantages of installing and applying weightless feeders in such processing places. The application advantages of weightless feeders can be learned from the practical application experience in the field of flour processing. In the field of flour processing, many powders must be processed and transported every day, and the texture of flour is very fine, If the application experience of the machine is not good, it is easy to affect the processing, production and manufacturing quality of flour, and the application of loss in weight feeder can achieve accurate operation experience and prevent material leakage during transportation.


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