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Attention should be paid to the installation and use of weightless feeder

Weightlessness feeder is also called weightlessness scale, weightlessness measuring scale, weightlessness proportioning scale and weightlessness reducing scale. It is a kind of quantitative feeding equipment that uses material reduction rate per unit time to calculate material flow. It is widely used in power, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and building materials industries as powder material, particulate matter measurement or quantification. Feeding equipment, then weightlessness feeder to install and use what content should we pay attention to?

What should be paid attention to when installing weightlessness feeder? As we all know, as a measuring equipment, it is very important to maintain its normal operation. In order to ensure the measuring accuracy of equipment, the installation must be in place. Let's take a look at the following:

1. Maintain the stability of the scale: Firstly, the scale of the equipment should be fixed well. If the working environment produces large vibration, it will cause deformation interference to the sensor of the equipment.

2. Guarantee the sealing of the equipment: Secondly, the sealing of the equipment is made not only to prevent dust and leakage, but also to prevent wind. Therefore, try to place the equipment in a less airflow environment, so as to avoid air flow affecting the measurement accuracy.

3. Shorten the connection distance: Attention should be paid to the short connection distance between the silo and the hopper. Because the connection distance is too long, it will be troublesome to encounter those materials with greater adhesion, which is a major factor interfering with the measurement accuracy.

4. Accelerate the feeding speed: When the material flow is not good, the way to prevent blockage is mechanical mixing, but it should be noted that the mixing can not continue. It is suggested that the feeding mixing should be two in one, and both should be carried out synchronously.

5. Reasonable feeding settings: not only the feeding time is set here, the shorter the feeding time is controlled, but also the feeding limit. How to observe whether the upper and lower limit of the feeding is reasonable can be checked by observing the frequency of the frequency converter. At the same time, it is suggested to reduce the feeding times.

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