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Plastic screw feeders
Our plastic screw feeders are the appearance of fine processing, the internal structure design, good sealing and no leakage of material. The double screw volumetric feeder feeding screw is 45 # round by special screw milling finishing polished, Which makes smooth running so smoothly feed and non-stick material after feeding screw barrels casting equipment molding machine by precision machining. 
Plastic screw feeders
Plastic Screw Feeders Characteristics:
1. The optimized formula feeding motor gear motor. During the working process there is no noise, smooth no jitter and no resonance.
2. This plastic volumetric single screw feeder or double screw feeder use the inverter to control the volume of feed hopper. 
3. Stainless steel batch cutting molding, generous shape, smooth and bright, has a good seal, no leakage of dust, 
4. Stir with anti-arching material feeding system to effectively prevent the material in the hopper less than expected bypass common problem.
Plastic Screw Feeders Unit features: 
The recycling of waste plastics, sorting washing into the band after feeding the crusher, crushing material washing once, broken good drying material without drying, direct extrusion, drainage, exhaust, brace , a pelletizing once. 
Plastic Screw Feeders Applications:
This machine is mainly used for waste plastic recycling granulator, for high-pressure polyethylene, low-pressure polyethylene, polypropylene and foam material film, films, bags, silk, net and other waste plastics recycling granulation.

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