Loss-In-Weight Batching System Elements
    Loss-in-weight batching system elements used with loss-in-weight feeder.They are both the most important auxiliary for extrusion pump.Loss-in-weight batching system provides the fastest and most accurate measurement and control of individual ingredients fed into a batch process.
    Metering Screw Feeder
    Metering screw feeder bulk solids pump feeder and weigh belt,granules and flakes, are most frequently metered with a single screw feeder.
    Volumetric feeders production lies in manufacturing screw feeder
    Volumetric feeders production lies in manufacturing screw feeder for feeding granules, plastic , ploymer and so on . Feeders are equipped with agitator for smooth conveying. The contact parts are manufactured using non-corrosive steel.
    Single Screw Volumetric Feeder
    Single screw volumetric feeder also be called single screw volume type feeding machine. It is a volumetric feeder with convenient control, high degree of intelligence, screw form diversification, the screw can be according to the material to choose different types of screw, solve the bridging material.
    Twin Screw Volume Feeding Machine
    Twin screw volume feeding machine handle more difficult materials accuracy, offering uniform discharge, consistent volume and gentle handling.Twin screw volumetric feeders applicable for all kinds of pellets,powder.
    Volumetric Feeding Vs. Gravimetric Feeding
    Here volumetric feeding Vs. gravimetric feeding.Volumetric feeding rotating screw pushing material toward discharge, a rotary feeder dumping its pockets, or a vibratory tray jostling the material forward.While the gravimetric feeding is a basic volumetric feeder. In doing so direct measurement and control of discharge rate becomes possible.
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