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Gravimetric Dosing System
Gravimetric dosing system measures one or more integrated weigh cells to measure input material that you can document the process for quality.
Gravimetric Dosing System
Gravimetric Dosing System Characteristics:
1.A gravimetric dosing system measures the flow's weight and adjusts the feeder output to maintain the desired set point.
2.Generally use a volumetric feeder associated with a weighing system
3.Include platform scales, load-cells, weigh hoppers
Suit your specific application, including:
single or twin screw 
open flight helix and side/top discharge nozzles 
polyethylene helix 
variable pitch helix.
Gravimetric - Loss in Weight
Gravimetric dosing system design may be based on loss in weight feeders or gain-in-weight  feeders principles depending on the overall process requirements.

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