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Volumetric Screw Feeder Design

Volumetric Screw Feeder Design:
Volumetric Screw Feeder Design

Suitable material: granular material, good fluidity powder materials
volumetric Feeding range: 4-800L / H

Selection of parameters:

Name  Model Screw Specification Material Yield Inverter motor
Single screw volumetric feeder DBH-VF-SS28 28mm SACM-645 Nitrided steel 10-300L/H 0.75KW
DBH-MF-SS38 38mm SACM-645 Nitrided steel 50-500L/H 1.1KW
DBH-MF-SS46 46mm SACM-645 Nitrided steel 60-700L/H 1.5KW
DBH-MF-SS64 64mm SACM-645 Nitrided steel 60-1000L/H 2.2KW

Volumetric Screw Feeder Note:
1, depending on the material corresponding to the selectable feeding screw;
2, the drive motor: optional frequency motor or servo motor;
3, hopper optional specifications
Please contact us first, we will recommend your company for mining use loss-feeder equipment

Screen Changers for Polymer Melt Filtration Type Details:

Type Screw 
BAT-LF-SS28 28 10-100 1.1 40-80 ±0.5%
BAT-LF-SS38 38 30-300 1.1 40-100 ±0.5%
BAT-LF-SS46 46 40-400 1.5 40-120 ±0.5%
BAT-LF-SS64 64 50-500 1.5 40-150 ±0.5%
Notes: The feeding capacity and accuracy will be affected by different materials. 

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Volumetric feeders production lies in manufacturing screw feeder

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