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Loss-In-Weight Continuous Feeder
Loss-in-weight continuous feeder is the most important auxiliary for pump extruder.The Loss-in-weight continuous feeder most accurate with a high resolution has better accuracy and faster batch times.

Loss-In-Weight Continuous Feeder
Loss-In-Weight Continuous Feeder Advantages:
1. Small volume. Batte Loss-in-weight continuous feeder is easier to carry and more suitable for changing manufacturing procedure and improving production technique.
2. Low noise.Loss-in-weight continuous feeder has super-low noise in comparison with any other feeder.
3.Warranty Services. We offer free after sale service except the engineers' traveling expense for any quality problem occurs during our 12 months warranty period.
4.Lead Time.5-6 weeks after receiving the 30% prepayment.
Loss-in-weight continuous feeders are regarded as the most accurate of all continuous weighing devices. accurately weigh and control the output of variable products. Besides,Batte also manufacture volumetric feeder and volumetric screw feeders.

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