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Volumetric Feeders Control System
Volumetric feeders control system ia an excellent control system,Which one control system can simultaneously control two volumetric feeders or more feeders together. 
Volumetric Feeders Control System

volumetric feeders control system Characteistics:
1. High stability; high accuracy, which can allow to detect the attritions and frequency variation of mechanical parts timely, and then make the revision accordingly.
2.Speedy extrusion with highest dimensional accuracy.
3.. Easy to clean and maintain; It is very sinple to clean and maintain our feeder. Furthermore, the time for maintaining is very short. 
4..Allows high die pressure.
5..The control system owns advanced hardware and software, in which the software is almost free of maintenance and can be used for a long time.
Batte offers stable product extrusion regardless of changes in screw revolution.volumetric feeder come in a wide variety of of sizes and configurations to meet your application requirements.

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