<b>Volume Type Feeding Machine</b>
    Volume type feeding machine inclouds single screw volumetric feeders and double screw volumetric feeders.The volumetric feeder is the simplest, most economical feeding machine available.
    Single Screw Volumetric Feeders
    Single screw volumetric feeders belongs to volumetric feeders.It is also be called single screw volume type feeder or single screw feeders.
    <b>Twin Screw Volumetric Feeders</b>
    Twin screw volumetric feeders belongs to volumetric feeders.Which are be called twin screw volume feeding machine or double screw volumetric feeders.Reliable operation convenient maintenance.
    Liquid Weight Loss Type Feeding Machine
    Liquid weight loss type feeding machine includes liquid weight-loss metering feeding machine. And they also be called volumetric loss in weight feeder. As a feeding machine,they designed for the liquid materials.
    <b>Single screw trace weight loss type feeding machine</b>
    Single screw loss-in-weight feeder is a type of Trace weight loss type feeding machine. Also called trace amounts of weight loss type feeding machine, Which is designed for high-accuracy and low-rate feeding material.
    Double screw loss-in-weight continuous feeder
    Loss-in-weight continuous feeder is the most important auxiliary for pump extruder.The Loss-in-weight continuous feeder most accurate with a high resolution has better accuracy and faster batch times.
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