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volumetric feeder company
Batte is a professional volumetric feeder company, Which designs firm weightlessness feeding device, its weightlessness high precision measurement system, fully meet the needs of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, rubber and other industries, the main products are: loss-in-weight feeder, weightlessness metering feeder, volumetric feeder, a multi-component formula feeding machine. Batte company provides professional feeder products for a variety of different types of materials.

volumetric feeder company

Loss-in-weight feeder supports a unified database to meet the plant health, explosion-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion and other needs.

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As a volumetric feeders manufacturers, Batte providing customers with the best quality volumetric feeder,loss in weight feeders and volumetric screw feeders.Batte Machinery Zhengzhou Co,.Ltd.is famous over the world.