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How do volumetric feeders control the flow rate
How do volumetric feeders control the flow rateBefore focusing on the principles behind feeder design and operation, it’s important to understand just what volumetric feeders rate means, what every gravimetric feeder needs to perform its function, and the two basic approaches to blending or proportioning Blending & Proportioning.
How do volumetric feeders control the flow rate
Single screw volumetric feeder applicable for all kinds of pellets,free-flowing powder.
Feed range:4-6000L/H
Single screw volume type:
Much of this tailoring is in one way or another, achieved through the use of automatic volumetric screw feeder to control the introduction of additional ingredients such as additives, colorants, fillers, stabilizers, lubricants, etc. according to specified formulation or recipe proportions.

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