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Mini screw plastics loader screw feeder
Mini screw plastics loader screw feeder can convey plastic powder materials to hopper and generate forwarding push to the material, and the materials are feed from the inlet and then conveyed to the outlet through the spiral conveyer. 
Mini screw plastics loader screw feeder
Mini Screw Lastics Loader Screw Feeder Characteristics:
1. Vibrating spiral automatic volumetric screw feeder can fit various power materials.
2. The materials feeding motor and vibration motor are controlled with independent switches,and the vibration range is adjustable.
3. The volumetric screw plastics feeding machine features automatic materials feeding and automatic feeding function.
4. The screw and the material tank and chamber have soft connection with easy disassembly, convenient for cleaning.
5. The material chamber is installed with vibration motor ,and the materials can easily enter into the spiral.
The mini screw plastics loader screw feeder can be used for automatically feeding materials for mixer and injection moulding machine which have certain requirement on height.

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