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Automatic weighing system
Automatic weighing system is made of the dosing unit platform,automatic Trace weight loss type feeding machine system,hopper,control system,operation panel. Loss in weight feeder can feed the material with high-precision and continuously by static weighting to realize to weight by itselves. 
Automatic weighing system
Automatic Weighing System Features:
1. With simple and reliable structure design which prevent material impact;
2. Suitable material: non-cohesive powder and solid granule;
3. Accurate continuous feeding;
4. Full discharge without residue, easy and simple to clean;
5. High feeding precision;
6. The Control system can be PLC control or dynamic control instrument;
7. The control system is in modular design and can be connected to upper computer.

Besides the 
automatic weighing systems, We also manufacture Volume type feeding machine and Liquid weight loss type feeding machine. If you have any new order or questions, just feel free to contact me.

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