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Gain In Weight Feeder

The process of gain in weight feeder is used in order to feed bulk solids into a batch process and directs each volumetric feeder to start, stop, or increase/decrease speed.
Gain In Weight Feeder
The Gain In Weight Feeder Process:
1.Each feeder delivers its material in sequence into a central collection hopper, mounted on a scale or load cells.
2. Weight measurements are compared to the setpoint for each ingredient.
3.The weight of the receiving vessel is monitored continuously as each ingredient is added in succession. 
4.When the required weight of a material reaches near its setpoint, the volumetric feeder goes into dribble mode so that the feeder does not over feed. 
5.When the setpoint is reached, material from that feeder stops feeding, and the next feeder is started.
6.fed into the central gain-in-weight vessel, they are discharged into a mixer or blending system.
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