Weightlessness feeding equipments types
    Batte is a professional manufacturer and supplier of weightlessness feeding equipments. Batte is an integrator of material conveys system, manufacturing material transport, batching and mixing equipment.
    Automatic volumetric screw feeder
    Automatic volumetric screw feeder is comprised of standard modules for ease of cleaning, disassembly and interchangeability.Automatic volumetric screw feeder is a standard equipment for double color doser to make the material evenly mixed, while also a optional equipment for single color doser to do so.
    Automatic suction machine
    Automatic suction machine composition and working principle: Automatic suction machine composition: Automatic suction machine is composed of a hopper and host two-part hopper by inductive switch, mechanical air switch, filter, inlet and suction port
    Plastic screw feeders
    Our plastic screw feeders are the appearance of fine processing, the internal structure design, good sealing and no leakage of material. The double screw volumetric feeder feeding screw is 45 # round by special screw milling finishing polished, Which
     How to select feeder for different materials
    If you regularly hear how to select feeder for different materials? Customers care about that particulate material be damaged in the feeding process. So it will affect the appearance and a direct impact on sales of the type of problems. I have engaged years of experience accumulated in this industry. It tells us that you should select different feeder for different materials. Thereby increasing production speeding and reducing particle breakage rate class.
    Continuous feeder automatic feeding machine
    In recent years, the development of waste plastics recycling industry is very rapid, granular machine development led to the development of plastics auxiliary machinery, the advent of plastic particles continuous feeder automatic feeding machine greatly facilitate the production of the investor.
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