twin screw feeder application
    The twin screw feeder is used to supply material evenly or quantitatively from the silo or other storage equipment to the receiving equipment. It is an essential equipment for automatic assembly line operation. Depending on the installation method Se
    PE Coating Laminating Die Machine
    PE Coating Laminating Die Machine Features 1)Each extruder with automatic temperature control, automatic feeding,high-precision die made by professional manufacturer. 2)Unwinder part,compound part 1,compound part 2 and rewinder part with automatic te
    extrusion sheet die
    extrusion sheet die description 1. Hangers-style structure. 2. Both sides are equipped with top mould and pull fine adjustment screw bending mould lip to adjust the mold mouth clearance. 3. All sides of the mould plated chromium and used high-strengt
    PET sheet die
    PET sheet die Specifications/Special Features: Characters :The sheet \plates dies with various structure types are widely used in production all kinds of plastic sheet and plates,such as plastic PP、PS、PE、HIPS、PC、PMMA、ABS、PET、EVA、TPU、
    EVA foam sheet die
    Film Extrusion Dies Extrusion die Reasonable price Multilayer or single layer Adopt advanced technology Stable function EVA foam sheet die is our newly designed mould. The production line equiped with this mould could produce PP, PE, CPP, LDPE, HDPE
    lamination die for film
    lamination die for film Characters Die head flow ruuner shape the branch-tube type is used, and installed with a special inner block wide-size adjustment device. lamination die for film adjustment method: manual (automatic) full push flexible fine-tu
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