How about the volumetric feeders in China?
    Batte volumetric feeder is a economical feeding solution for applications that do not require a high degree of feed rate accuracy. Volumetric feeders are also frequently employed in gain-in-weight batch operations.
    working principle of automatic feeding machine
    Automatic feeding machine in the first vacuum tube is closed, and then start the motor, with low air flow will plastic resin particles into the vacuum tube, the electrical switch to stop, then the particles into the hopper, and so on. In th
    Jam causes and interpretation of feeding machine
    Feeder falling material cover obstruction, flat belt, obliquely ascending with deceleration fault; the feed side, error detection signal, and a photoelectric tube wiring loose or damaged material examines the side, the side of the photoelec
    improvement of tobacco quantitative feeding machine
    In the blending, flavoring and casing as well as its moisture and temperature are affected by the material flow. The volume flow control according to the characteristics of work in process (WIP) water content is the same volume are basicall
    Fuzzy control of elevating belt speed
    The volumetric feedermachine is a device for volume quantitative use, can continuously and uniformly transport tobacco, tobacco and other materials. The main structure is as follows: the storage box, the inclined conveyer belt, the metering
    Improvement of feeding machine
    (1) driving power increases quantitative feeder. The original 1.5kW drive motor is basically in full load condition, and it will stop at a bit, and the efficiency is low. Slow, high failure rate, quantitative change of elevating belt speed
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