twin screw hopper feeder
    The twin screw hopperfeeder specially designed for large lump and mass material is a new type of feeder. The material from the former is cooled and then broken artificially, which greatly wastes the manpower and the volume feeding machine. The twin sc
    Executive standard of plate volumetric feeder
    The plate volumetric feeder is mainly composed of driving device, spindle device, tightening device, chain plate device, rack and supporting wheel device. The advantage of the product Zui is that it has strong adaptability, wear resistance and long s
    Twin screw volume feeder
    The twin screw volume feeder is widely applied to all kinds of materials, including volumetric feeding schemes for powdery, fibrous and flaky materials with poor mobility. All parts contacting with the material are made of stainless steel. The twin s
    single screw weightlessness volumetric feeder
    Purpose: This single screw weightlessness volumetric feeder applies in good flow material such as kind of granule material, powder material, and piece material, and also applies for continuity measure the cubage and weight of solid feeding material.
    Feeding method of weightless feeding machine
    The loss in weightfeeder controls the feed volume by weighing the weight of the whole feeder, hopper and hopper, as shown in Figure 1. By controlling the speed of the feeding device, we can get a weight loss per unit time equal to the feed speed. As
    single screw weightless feeder
    The single screw weightless feeder provides users with high precision and high added value gravimetric feeding technology. The material is used in a wide range of applications, including large and small particles, good fluidity of powder and other so
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