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How Do I Decide How To Choose A Volumetric Feeder?

How Do I Decide How To Choose A Volumetric Feeder?
      Batte volumetric feeders are designed specifically .Once you look at the features and advantages of the Batte volumetric Feeders .you'll agree that there is not a better-designed volumetric feeding on the market. Batte volumetric feeder provides low cost and easy option in batch or continuous applications. Material centralizied feeding system was designed for the plastic product extrusion plant, which can keep working automatically. It can change the raw material and color masterbatch.volumetric feeder can provide reliable and stable performance. Single screw feeder is the choice for free flowing materials, while twin screw feeder is the the solution for difficult-handled materials.materials are discharged from the system through screw rod, the system will compare the "weight loss" measured per unit time with needed feeding amount. 
1, pump station
2, the control cabinet
3. Complete assembly changers
Models and technical parameters:
1, Model:
 ZB-R-Ⅰvolumetric feeders has all the basic performance, there is no electrical control main cabinet.
 ZB-R-Ⅱ as the ZB-R-Ⅰ, based on increased power control section, manual operation.
 ZB-R-Ⅲ is the basis of ZB-R-Ⅱ on the increase in material flow, material pressure monitoring system, and automatic alarm, semi-automatic changer.
2, the main technical parameters:
Equipped with the unit: SJ45-SJ150 various models (including the double-screw) plastic, chemical fiber extruder.
For raw materials: PE, PP, PS, DET, nylon, PVC, etc.
Pump flow rate: 6 - 10 l / min
Working oil pressure: 4-20MPa
Fuel tank capacity: 50 liters
Degree change speed: 40-150mm / sec
Filter block design pressure: ≤30MPa
Pump motor power: 2.2-3k
Heating zone voltage: 220V / 400V
Temperature range: 0-300 ℃
Pressure Range: 0-50MPa

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