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The Structure Introduction And Working Principle Of Volumet

The Structure Introduction And Working Principle Of  Volumetric Feeder.        
      With the  Volumetric Feeder you get all the features you need, plus much more.  Volumetric, Continuous & batching gravimetric metering systems. Continuous & batching metering systems. Feeders with vinyl & steel hoppers. Feed rates from a few grams to over 1,000 cubic feet per hour.Volumetric feeding systems use an auger or screw conveyor running at a constant speed to discharge powder from a storage hopper at a consistent rate (volume per unit time such as L/min). Frequently, the hopper includes devices to condition the bulk material to ensure an even bulk density by using vibration, agitation, massaging or other means to eliminate air pockets and maintain flow. 
      Volumetric screw feeders for heavy duty applications. Feeding of a variety of solid & semi-solid materials at a controlled rate. Single auger or screw feeders, utilized for straight on line feeding systems, offset feeders have a 90 degrees injection head, permitting a shift of the feed direction, shred/ feeders for coherent piece size. 100 lbs. to 20 tons per hour depending on the density, moisture content, consistency or mixed material types. Primary feeder screws & augers utilizes a number of designs that encompass both screw & auger types, together with a number of alloys. Worm screws, tapered compression augers.
      Volumetric Feeder
Volumetric feeders are designed for providing constant flow of material in to process operation where material characteristics are consistent, particularly in density, size & moisture content. Gravimetric feeders are designed for constant flow of material, based on the weight of material for applications where material characteristics may vary.The whole feeding control system adopts closed to the scream figuring out the martial flow and adjusting the flow value at real time by adjusting the speed of drive.

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