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working principle of automatic feeding machine

  Automatic feeding machine in the first vacuum tube is closed, and then start the motor, with low air flow will plastic resin particles into the vacuum tube, the electrical switch to stop, then the particles into the hopper, and so on. In the design of the control system, the use of a motor control two feeding production line, by the direction of the valve switch.

  Automatic feeding machine to pay attention:

  1.the material bucket in the lower position of the lower position at the bottom of the material, to start feeding hopper, coke and limestone quantitative bucket, electrical signal confusion must be checked and resolved to continue to work.

  2. the material is not allowed to load in the barrel.

  3. the material bucket car regardless of the card in any position, should make wire rope taut, and can not relax, the car stuck in the track of the upper part of the car is not allowed to remove any part of the car.

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