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difference between single,double screw volumetric-feeder

    In the material bulk density is uniform, and the quality of the final product of feeding precision requirements is not hard, the volume type feeding machine for continuous application of intermittent feeding and provides a low cost and simple feeding scheme.
   Volume type feeding machine for single screw is a good flow of material is the choice, and double screw volume type feeding machine is illiquid, difficult to feed the solid material is the choice. Feed range of volume type feeding machine, press the screw size as 30,50,68 a total of three kinds of models to choose from.
    For many different forms of interchangeable screw to choose according to the materials of different single screw volume type feeding machine, feeding machine installed in the painting of steel base and all related material contact part are stainless steel, the feeding machine easy disassembly and cleaning or replacement parts.
    Batte company for customers to provide professional feed products, weightlessness feeding equipment support a variety of different kinds of powder or irregular material. The weight loss feeding equipment supports factory unified database to realize the ingredients technology based on database system..

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