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Weightlessness feeding equipments types
Batte is a professional manufacturer and supplier of weightlessness feeding equipments. Batte is an integrator of material conveys system, manufacturing material transport, batching and mixing equipment. We are a modern enterprise loss in weight feeders with research, development, sale, project design and installation together.
Weightlessness feeding equipments types
Weightlessness Feeding EquipmentsTypes:
Single screw loss-in-weight feeder
Twin screw loss-in-weight feeder
Single screw loss-in-weight metering feeder
Twin screw loss-in-weight metering feeder
Micro loss-in-weight feeder
Micro loss-in-weight metering feeder
Liquid loss-in-weight feeder
Liquid loss-in-weight metering feeder
Single screw volumetric feeder
Twin screw volumetric feeder
Batte provides professional feeding products to clients. Our various series of feeder products are applicable for multi-component materials like pellets, powder, liquid, etc.
 Our feeding systems with high accuracy can well satisfy the demands from the fields of pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food industry, rubber industry, plastic industry, and so on. Our main feeder product series include single/twin screw loss in weight feeders, single/twin loss in weight metering feeders, micro loss in weight feeder, liquid loss in weight feeder, single/twin screw volumetric feeders, and two or four multi-component formula feeders. 

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