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Batte perfect service system
Pre service:
According to the different requirements of different customers, using parameters of a detailed understanding of the user, in line with the principle of the most economical, the most practical and most secure, choose appropriate products for my company, the intentions of services to meet the user's demand.
Sale service:
As detailed and popular to customers to introduce the performance of the product as well as the use of methods, so that users can buy assured, with satisfaction.
After sales service:
No matter how much customer service, the establishment of a full set of customers information database, a week after the introduction of the phone and a visit to visit and visit.
Where to buy my company's products, whenever and wherever you can enjoy my company's first-class service. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day we can provide you with satisfaction, timely, quality, responsible for the end of the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service.
Company in major cities across the country have set up offices and specialized maintenance personnel responsible for the area of product maintenance tasks, in the warranty period for the company product quality problems, after receiving the notice, such as telephone can not solve, Henan area within 24 hours must be arrived at the scene, the field must be arrived at the scene within 72 hours, free troubleshooting, to the solution of the urgent needs of the user.

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