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The principle of metering feeding machine

     The machine working principle of the system:
         feedstock put on the weighing sensor, through the acquisition unit of time in the weight loss is that the actual volume of feed, and set up according to the need of feeding volume compared error is obtained, through closed loop speed regulator to adjust feed motor speed to accurate feeding requirements.

  System structure: meterring feeding machine is composed of three parts: a material conveying part; weighing; control. The material conveying system is composed of motor, transmission box, screw (solid) or pump (liquid), hopper and some auxiliary equipment such as broken arch parts, etc..

  The function of the motor, the transmission box and the screw is to transport the material in the hopper evenly and stably to the extruder..

  Arch breaking part: for some illiquid and easy arch breaking material arch breaking, prevent hollow or bridging phenomenon, to ensure that the material is uniform and smooth the inflow of screw slot in. Arch breaking device will according to the user supplied material samples with optimal structure design calculation of feeding machine manufacturing parameters and control process, due to the different characteristics of different materials, in order to get the combination of the whole system, we usually case requires the user to provide the actual use of the raw material.

  The loading of powder, grain and bulk material in various industrial environments. Widely used in building materials, metallurgy, coal, power, chemical, light industry and other industrial sectors.

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