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improvement of tobacco quantitative feeding machine

  In the blending, flavoring and casing as well as its moisture and temperature are affected by the material flow. The volume flow control according to the characteristics of work in process (WIP) water content is the same volume are basically the same, using quantitative feeding machine and limited tube to control material flow.

  In the cigarette production process, quantitative feeder prone to feed flow, tobacco material in lifting belt on the roll of the phenomenon, resulting in instability of the follow-up process parameters, materials such as broken problem, so the technical improvements were made.

  The volumetric feeder material cut-off is the main reason:

  (1) the drive motor is often overloaded with parking. Due to mechanical parts wear, increase the resistance of the equipment operation, replacement made larger than the volume of imported parts, heavy weight, easy to cause the quantitative feeding machine drive motor overload parking;

  (2) improving the ability to send data. Due to the structure of the lifting belt is arranged on the tooth not suitable for conveying tobacco, tobacco on the lifting belt can not be uniformly distributed, even kept in lifting belt on the roll, resulting in feed flow of tobacco material and easy to produce broken;

  (3) tobacco feed storage bin is not timely. In the quantitative feeding machine flat belt and lifting belt between a of light emitting tube detection material status, control the operation of the flat belt can control storage silo material feeding, due to feed materials caused by not timely feed flow.

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