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Improvement of feeding machine

  (1) driving power increases quantitative feeder. The original 1.5kW drive motor is basically in full load condition, and it will stop at a bit, and the efficiency is low.

  Slow, high failure rate, quantitative change of elevating belt speed cannot meet the requirements. The driving motor from the original 1.5kW slip speed change control for 2.2kW inverter control, and Install the corresponding inverter and improve the control line. Improved the reliability and response speed of the control, and the drive power to leave a sufficient margin, eliminating the original slightly overloaded that parking.

  (2) improvement with volumetric feeder. The rake teeth by straight column modification for elbow, bend angle of 300, rake head by the spherical grinding plane, welding a piece of stainless steel strip will rake Together with the teeth. Improved rake teeth can uniformly and effectively the tobacco lapper on the lifting belt to ensure material feeding evenly, eliminating material in lifting belt roll lapper or uneven phenomenon.

  (3) flat belt to increase a manual material feed control switch. In the quantitative feeder belt control circuit on a manual control switch, if the material feed storage anomaly, can not be timely material lapper for ascension to take, lifting belt there running empty or inadequate flow phenomenon, with manual switch flat start motor, storage silo material feed to the lifting belt,

  (4) improving the reliability of the detection of the state of the material. The operation of the 2 control flat belt motor with the photoelectric tube. As the photoelectric tube 2 of the material does not stop rolling, the state does not stop changes, it is difficult to capture, also dust may cover the photoelectric tube, leading to the photoelectric tube 2 detected is expected signal, flat band stop running, in fact, the basic no material, caused by quantitative feeding machine running air break Flow.

  The frequent appearance of this phenomenon is that the line detection of the photoelectric tube alone can not effectively control the feeding of the material on the flat belt in 2. Therefore, an increase of 7 and a diffuse reflection of the photoelectric tube 8, Don't be used for the detection of elevating belt lateral and forward material situation, two signal and 2 signal parallel photoelectric tube. This way, by the original single line detection into three-dimensional detection, 3 light Tube in any detection to enhance the tobacco belt can flat bands start the material feeding, improves the reliability of detection.

  Tobacco feeding machine is improved, the average monthly flow within six months 12; improved 5 months after 1.6 times the average monthly flow. Through technological improvements, enhanced tobacco feeding machine,The reliability, the application effect is good.

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