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Fuzzy control of elevating belt speed

  The volumetric feeder machine is a device for volume quantitative use, can continuously and uniformly transport tobacco, tobacco and other materials. The main structure is as follows: the storage box, the inclined conveyer belt, the metering tube, the light

  Electric sensor. The storage box can store a certain amount of material, which plays a buffer role. Inclined conveyor belt for conveying and lifting of the role of material, the general variable speed regulation control. Meter

  Three photoelectric sensors are installed on the measuring tube, and the inclined conveyor belt is controlled as follows: when the material is in the high level of the material, the feeding position is stopped, and the material is in the position of the material., the slow control inclined conveyor belt; when the material is only in the material to block the photoelectric switch, the rapid control of inclined conveyor belt.

  According to the principle of the inclined conveyor belt, it can be seen that the speed control is not continuous, it is the step control of two kinds of speed.

  Into the front end of the material out of line, or follow the material of the congestion. In this paper, we propose the difference control scheme: the speed of the inclined conveyor belt is composed of two parts: V:, V1AV can be based on the material

  The average flow rate is converted into a constant value; AV: can be adjusted according to the material conditions of the speed of the difference; the two part of the synthesis of inclined conveyor belt control speed, this A speed is a continuous speed value that can be adjusted according to the material condition.

  Method According to the improved scheme, which is the key of] V of control, can select the metering tube material the length of a photoelectric sensor was screened and conduction time, to change the size And direction. Such a function relation, the fuzzy mathematics is used to express the relationship.

  Fuzzy theory is built on fuzzy sets, fuzzy set is a collection of such a set, it has certain characteristics, each element of the collection has this feature, but

  Degree is different, and the degree of this feature can be expressed by the membership function. The traditional collection is strictly 0 or 1, while the fuzzy set can be from the "no" to "subordinate" gradually

  In the range of 1 to 0. In this paper, "fast", "slow", "long" and "short" can be solved in the conventional set of vague concepts can be in the fuzzy set

  To express, this provides a way for the computer to deal with the ambiguity of this kind of information. Choice of fuzzy variable and fuzzy.

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