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Feeding machine of ceramic production line

  The feeding machine of economic, saving time and labor, improve efficiency, belt is not easy to be damaged, easier maintenance, set filtering net and chain type two advantages.

  (1) 2 persons are required to operate, and the 1 is to drive the car and the other control switch.

  (2) the material is too wet or the material is too large, there is a stirring system broken, sent to the conveyor belt.

  (3) the material hopper comprises a stirring shaft and reduce the stress isolation belt, so as not to cause the belt slipping.

  (4) the long life of the belt, half to one year only need to change, and the cost is low, about 3000 yuan, reduce unnecessary losses.

  (5) belt conveyor speed, per minute about 8 meters, the working efficiency high, per hour feeding 80t-100t, greatly improve the charging time, thereby saving labor and electricity. Users can according to the peak of the local peak, the work time, so that the product for the user to create greater economic benefits.

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