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Feeding machine quality continues to improve, more and more

   The production of plastics is made up of many important processes. Many different kinds of raw materials can produce a homogeneous special plastic compound through these processes.. Plastic synthesis process is a continuous process, main steps include: feeding, plasticizing / melt, stirring, homogenizing treatment, mixing, dispersion and degassing, reaction, heating / cooling, in fact, feeding is a critical step, the production process must be continuous and accurately for the main raw material. Spherical hopper can improve the flow of material feeding precision and performance, poor flowability of material use special design stirrer to ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment. Both together feeding machine equipped with the control device of the installation is simple, and the characteristic of multi function has been further improved.
    Compared with the past pre mixing, the new technology formula of the wax content is lower, or simply do not wax. This shows that the high performance plastic synthesis technology can not only improve the output and quality, but also can reduce the raw material costs, which is in line with the purpose of the modified plastics production plant. The company has developed a set of feed screw, for a variety of material provide the correct feed processing scheme, and simple, fast can replace the screw more to improve the flexibility of the process, make the feeding machine life and performance is more superior.

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