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Jam causes and interpretation of feeding machine

  Feeder falling material cover obstruction, flat belt, obliquely ascending with deceleration fault; the feed side, error detection signal, and a photoelectric tube wiring loose or damaged material examines the side, the side of the photoelectric tube. Photoelectric tube position adjustment is not in place; security on the bottom limit switch valve closure is not in place or switch to bad contact etc.. Can cause feeding. Blocking materials.

  1 electronic scale meter access tube

  In the amount of material, the material is not sent to the material in the account of the accumulation of time is too long, the material unloading difficulties, resulting in the amount of juice tube plug. High and low photoelectric tubes are arranged in a straight direction. The upper part is called a high photoelectric bone.

  2 volumetric feeder cover and feed side block

  The feeding operation process, pay attention to the concept Liao operation. Found chutes should immediately stop processing block. The "followed by electronic scale flow divided into unstable fluctuations or no flow signal, can determine the feeding fault occurs in the feeder system, this is mountain in photoelectric switch adjustment and rake and delta not suitable for the cause.

  (2) electronic weighing and feeding machine of the mechanical synchronous transmission system or electrical DC speed control board control fault operation. By feeding is synchronous and blocking.

  (3) the exclusion of the blockage.

  3. Check the photoelectric tube work Ni. Adjust the photoelectric tube position, re adjust the rake roller and improve the gap and ensure production line flow and control feeding height.

  4 repair mechanical transmission system or electrical control board fault components. The feeding machine and electronic scale operation in 6 steps.

  5 open the inspection window to check whether the material is left. Check the connection between the material and the gauge tube is reasonable, the angle of the inclined plane design is correct.

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