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Static batching mode of volumetric feeder

The static batching mode of volumetric feeder is suitable for the site without continuous batching requirement. The batch can be batched according to low batch time requirement. There is a certain time interval between batches. For example, the time interval between the two batches before and after feeding in the blast furnace trough is 3-5 minutes, and each batch is composed of a variety of materials. The proportion is relatively fixed in a period of time according to the process requirements, and the composition ratio of single batch is strictly required, as long as the proportion of materials in more batches can meet the process requirements.

In the static batching mode of the volume feeder, all kinds of materials are stored in different silos, and the feeding in the silo is generally in the form of electric vibration feeding, spiral feeding or door feeding. Metrology generally uses a metering bin, and equipped with a pressure or pull-type gravity sensor for power-to-electricity conversion, signal amplified by the secondary instrument after access to PLC or DCS to complete the measurement. In some occasions of wide time requirements, a metering trolley can be used for unified measurement. The metering trolley runs along the track, and is positioned under each silo in turn to proportionally add materials. The amount of various materials is calculated by the method of reduction. There is also a single fixed metering silo, the silos are arranged in a row, the metering of materials are also used to reduce the difference method, materials from chute or belt conveyor, screw conveyor, etc. in turn proportionally added to the metering silo.

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