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What problems should be noticed when using vacuum feeder

What problems should be paid attention to when using vacuum feeder? First of all, we should pay attention to some understanding of the use of the machine. Many people feel that the feeder looks very simple and easy to operate, so they often ignore the instructions, according to their own ideas, or some previous use. Experience began to operate, but this approach is very bad, different feeders have different designs, in the use of the need to pay attention to some steps are also different, so before using the machine, we must first see clearly how this feeder is operated, so as to be able to for everyone Bring better help.

Secondly, in the use of vacuum feeder, but also pay attention to the various data settings for the equipment, which is also very important, because the feeder is often used to carry out a variety of different materials, so the use of different items in the case, then the need for different settings. For example, if it is a large particle of material, then the setting of the inlet and some small particles of material is certainly not the same, this is also used before, we must pay attention to.

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