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Control principle of weightlessness hybrid feeding system

There are many people when using the product will generally understand how to use the product, the use of precautions, usually how to maintain and so on, for the product of some of the principle of knowledge few people will ask, for users, more understanding of some of the principle of knowledge is still very necessary. Let's take the weightlessness mixture feeding system. In order to better play the role of weightless mixing and feeding system, we need to have some basic understanding of the control principle of weightless mixing and feeding system.

Like the control and transmission of the weightless mixing feeding system of the injection molding machine, the system also includes power components, control components and actuators, and also transmits power. The difference between the two is that the control has a feedback device. The function of the feedback device is that the output of the actuator (displacement, speed, force and other mechanical quantities) is fed back to the input (which can be changed or constant) for comparison. The system is controlled by the deviation after comparison, so that the output of the actuator varies with the input. And change or remain constant. It is a transmission system that forms a closed loop. The on-off or logic control elements are used in the weightlessness mixing feeding system. The purpose of the control is to maintain the stability of the set value or to simply change the direction, also known as the fixed value and sequential control elements.

The control principle of weightlessness mixing feeding system is introduced here, because the article is all for you to introduce some theoretical knowledge, there may be some people read the article after there are many not understand, if there is any doubt you can contact us for consultation, we will have a special person for everyone Answer questions. Our company has a strong R & D capability, and has always insisted on building the products for our customers. First class efficiency, first-class quality and wholehearted service is our company's business purpose. If you want to buy products such as masterbatch injection machine and masterbatch feeder, you can contact us.

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